Pro-Fit Athletic Rubber Flooring

Stands up to the toughest use wherever a floor requires protection from impact and foot traffic.

Pro-Fit Athletic Flooring is easy to clean, comfortable and abrasion resistant, and slip resistant when wet or dry. Additionally, Pro-Fit absorbs impacts and reduces sound transmission, and its recycled content can contribute to LEED credits.

Pro-Fit interlock tile

23 3/4" x 23 3/4" interlock tiles fit together with tight joints and lay flat for a seamless look. Perfect for loose-lay installations.

Pro-Fit roll

4' x 50' rolls install quickly in large spaces. Ideal for glue-down installations to inhibit odors and bacteria growth.

Single-layer or dual-layer

Single-layer Pro-Fit is the economical choice for residential and low-traffic areas. The granulated rubber cushions impacts and is cut and abrasion resistant.

Dual-layer Pro-Fit is engineered to outlast conventional granulated sports floors. Made for heavy-duty and commercial applications. A fiber-reinforced masticated rubber layer is bonded underneath the granulated layer for excellent tensile strength and durability.


  • Weight and fitness rooms
  • Commercial and residential gyms
  • Golf and country clubs
  • Trade show booth floors
  • Workshops, garages, storage sheds
  • Hockey/skating arenas
  • Ice parks, ski resorts
  • Retail settings
  • Pet facilities
  • Entranceways
  • Patios, decks and balconies
  • Boats

The Pro-Fit specialists at KN Rubber can help you determine which Pro-Fit configuration is right for your project.

Available colours:

Please note:

  • Full spread glue installation is recommended.
  • Standard rubber flooring installation guidelines required on rolled Pro-Fit flooring products.
  • Roll and sheet edges are supplied machine cut and must be trimmed on site to ensure a precise fit.
  • Splicing may be required to eliminate minor imperfections associated with rolled rubber products.
  • Due to the nature of the rubber, exact matching, shading, color and texture cannot be guaranteed from batch to batch.